It is finished.

Photo: Glass of Wine by Maelick (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photo: Glass of Wine by Maelick (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Oh my gosh, there were days in the last eight weeks that I thought I’d never say the words ‘it is finished’. But it is. It is finished.

The final first draft of the second version for Zeph (Nephilim Code #3) is finished.

What a relief.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m much rather be writing than a lot of other things I could name, so I’m not complaining. But there is a relief, a lifting of the world, when a challenge has been placed, faced, and completed. And I also had fun.

This time, hubby didn’t pick it completely apart. This time he gave it a 9.5 out of 10. The 0.5 was for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Um…it was a first draft.

Oh well. I’m still happy with that.
The first run through edit has also been completed and the manuscript is now in the hands of my Beta Readers.

Let the nail biting nerves ensue.

I had the weekend off. As in absolutely nothing to do with writing. Other than a few things for RWDU I needed to get out of the way, so maybe in a round-about way, I did something to do with writing – but no actual writing of story words. No plotting. No research. No character questionnaires.


It was nice. Weird, but nice.

For eight weeks while Zeph took up all my free time, I did nothing but my day job and writing. That was it. I didn’t get any of my studies done for school, so I’m back to my studies. Studying at an online collage has its advantages, but I really have to get a move on it. Oh, and now my family are starting to become familiar with what I look like again, and let’s not even begin to talk about the neglected housework.

Isn’t reality great?

But Zeph (Nephilim Code #3) is finished. I am now going to have that glass of wine.


Zeph (Nephilim Code #3) by TP Hogan – Cover Reveal


 Coming March 7th 2016 on Amazon

Title: Zeph

Series: Nephilim Code

Author: TP Hogan

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Cover Designer: Ashley Byland from Redbird Designs


Nephilim are descended from Angels. Everyone knows the Angels died out eons ago. But not all Nephilim believe that. My grandfather didn’t, and neither does my brother.

After the search for the Angel brings us to Australia, rumours arise that Ibira Corp has found the body of an Angel. They want it for its DNA. When they find out that we’re on the trail of a live Angel, they’ll go to great lengths to find him first.

Including harming our family.

With time running out and Ibira Corp not far behind, suddenly we’re in a race to decipher the clues.

My name is Zeph Angelis
And I’ve got an Angel to find.


Zeph (3)

Held Hostage

Just a really, really quick post as I steal about two minutes away from Zeph.

He is still holding me hostage and ensuring I crack down on writing his story.

But I do have some good news. Come back next week and you’ll get a look at what he looks like.
That’s right, next week is Zeph (Nephilim Code #3) cover reveal.

Oppps, gotta go. Zeph’s calling. See ya next week.