Coffee – The Magic Bean

Photo: LePatisserie Coffee by Runge Creative (Used with permission)
Photo: LePatisserie Coffee by Runge Creative (Used with permission)


My superpower is that I turn coffee into stories.

It has to be my superpower. I don’t know how I do it otherwise. I have no secret ‘how-to’ list. I have no checklist I use. I don’t even have a handy genie in a bottle stashed away somewhere. (Though that would be cool.) Yet, soon I will have 4 books published.

I’m absolutely stunned. I sat down to take stock the other day. 4 books in 16 months. That’s an average of a book every 4 months. That’s impressive, even if it’s not quite true. When I published ‘Shattered’, I already had ‘Nova’ written, so I guess that’s a little bit like cheating. Although, writing 2 books in 16 months is still an amazing effort. It took me 9 years to get the first book published. So to have 4 books – I’m nearly overwhelmed.

The only thing in my background is high-school English and a love of reading.

Shattered was born from listening to a song. Jon English’s ‘Camilla’.  There’s a lyric that says ‘The man in the mirror says you’re my friend’, and I wondered what would happen if a woman looked into a mirror and saw a man’s reflection.

Nova came about because I wondered if the Greek ‘gods’ of legend were actually Nephilim, the offspring between Angels and Humans. That one thought gave rise to a series of 3 books and, as I have since found out, it’s not an original thought.

But then, there’s nothing new under the sun. Is there? There’s only the difference in the angle with which you choose to view it. Whatever it may be.

I love writing. Perhaps I have a hidden streak of megalomania. I love creating worlds and characters. Although, sometimes those characters misbehave. I can spend hours lost inside my own head, and periodically it becomes a compulsion to get the story out of my head. To get it down on paper.

I don’t know how I know how to do it. Perhaps, I am simply regurgitating what I’ve read in books. This is the sound of the sentence. This is the flow of the words. My grammar is atrocious and my comma use is all over the place. I can’t spell, but I can tell you when a word looks wrong. I have no letters behind my name. Or a degree in Literature or  Creative Writing.

I’m just a girl who loves to read.
Who loves her coffee.
Who has 42 unfinished stories on her computer…and 4 books with her name on the cover.

My superpower is that I turn coffee into stories.
What’s yours?



Away, away.

Photo: IMG_3196 by Shaun Garrity. CC BY 2.0
Photo: IMG_3196 by Shaun Garrity. CC BY 2.0


I’m going away.
Not for long.
I am going to attend my very first ever Author Event.

I would love to say I’m going as an Author, but in reality, I was too chicken.

I was told about the Readers & Writers Down Under Event last year shortly after the release of Shattered. As a novice Author who had never attended an ‘Author’ event in her life, I was terrified of the idea. I did not know then that Nova (Nephilim Code #1) would be published, or that I would meet so many awesome Authors who would also be attending the event.

Still, I think that playing spectator for the first Author event I attend is going to be great. I’ll get to ‘suss’ out what Authors are doing, how they are doing it, and picking up hints and tips for next year. I’m looking forward to putting faces and voices to the profile pictures and personalities I’ve met over the last few months. Getting to actually met the people who have been giving me advice and encouragement.

And maybe, just maybe…meeting a few people who have read my books.

I’m very, very excited. Like a kid in a toy shop, I won’t know what to look at first, and there’ll be so many lights and colours and all things shiny. At least I hope so.

I’m, very nearly, all packed…and I have all my tickets in a safe place.
MUST not forget the tickets!

So…I’ll catch you on the flip side next week, and we’ll all see how it went.

Wish me luck!

Vocabulary. Say what?

Photo: Internet Meme from
Photo: Internet Meme from


I never realised quite how extensive my vocabulary was until I was pulled aside at work once and cautioned that there was a complaint against me because I made other people feel stupid. It wasn’t because I intentionally or unintentionally spoke down to people but because I littered my conversations with big words that other people didn’t understand. I was asked to remember that not all staff members had a university education (I didn’t think it was wise to point out that neither had I) or spoke English as a first language. My supervisor said she understood that this was just me being me but could I watch my words just the same.

Not wanting to give rise to another complaint, I asked if it could be pointed out when I used big words so that I could translate them to a more common usage.

I was surprised at the words that were pointed out.Read More »

Bookie Monster

Photo: Bookworm by Arbyreed.  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Photo: Bookworm by Arbyreed. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

It has been said that I devour books. I’d like to, right here and now, debunk that notion. I get my fibre from other sources thank you very much.

I do, however, read. Voraciously. And apparently quite quickly. I can read a 40,000ish word story in about an hour and a half, maybe two hours. On a day off, with nothing else planned, I can read my way through 5 – 7 books. This seems to surprise people. I don’t speed read or skim read or whatever the heck it’s called. I just read.

As a kid, it used to surprise me that people would take days to read a book. I couldn’t understand it. Once you’d open a book, you read it. It was as simple as that.Read More »

20 Book Marks

Blue books with orange ribbon bookmark
Photo: Bookmark by Quinn Dombrowski. CC BY-SA 2.0


The other day I was looking at bookmarks.

Not an unusual activity when one is visiting a bookshop. For some reason bookmarks are part of the merchandise. Have you ever noticed that?

I suppose what was strange about the excursion was that I started to write down what some of them said. What was even stranger was that the shop assistant didn’t even raise an eyebrow at this random shopper noting down the quips and quotes from their bookmark stand. Perhaps it happens more often than you might think.

Today I thought I’d share some of them with you because…well I don’t know really…because I have them to share perhaps?

So, for your eye-rolling, pun limit testing, groan out loud, mild aww moment, amusement, allow me to present 20 bookmark quotes.Read More »

Friendly Types

During the Writing 101 Challenge recently I found some real friendly types. Some liked my writing, and others I liked theirs.

One of them even went so far as to nominate me for the Most Influential Blogger Award. (Thank you Meredith.)
However, and meaning no disrespect to Meredith, the ‘Award’ requested you to create your own award image for your blog and to post your favourite youtube video as well as list ten ‘deserving bloggers’ with the award.

I don’t know about you, but the requirements have a ‘chain letter’ feel to them. While I am honoured that I would be selected as someone worthy of such an ‘award’, I don’t like chain letters.

Although – I do like the idea of letting others know about bloggers that I have met, on my – thus far – short journey into blogging. So without further ado; and in no particular order, here are ten such friendly types.

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 – (Note – KR does ‘pepper’ his posts with expletives)


Anne R Allen’s Blog
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 – (Note – The posts are in Swedish – most of the time. Wait a few seconds and the page will translate to English)

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