Edward (Nephilim Code #2) – OUT NOW


Oh my gosh, it’s here.
Time just flies.
Edward (Nephilim Code #2) is released today. Continue the Nephilim Code with the second book in the series.
Don’t be afraid to click the link – 🙂


In other news – my website is nearly here.
Hopefully, the next time you visit, all the peripheral things on this blog will be gone and the link to the website will be live.


If the ‘time-delay fairies’ don’t jump on board to make a mess of things.

So many things are happening all at once. It’s exciting.


Edward (Nephilim Code #2) by TP Hogan – Cover Reveal


 Coming June 7th 2015 on Amazon

Title: Edward

Series: Nephilim Code

Author: TP Hogan

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Cover Designer: Ashley Byland from Redbird Designs


Nephilim once ruled this world and they are going to do so again. It’s only a matter of time. The Rogues had better get on board or get out of the way.

Being Nephilim is my birthright but it was taken from me. Stripped of my abilities and disowned I have to face life in the human world. Then I meet the Rogues and things start looking up. I’ve found, not one, but both of the Nephilim Ibira Corp wants. Now, all I need to do is get them to trust me.

Getting their trust is a double-edged sword and there’s more going on than I first realised. Discoveries and changes are just the beginning.

My name is Edward Huber.
And I’ve got a choice to make.

Edward (3)

I have a surprise for you. A little something extra. Follow this link, it’ll be fun – I promise.


Nova (Nephilim Code #1) – Can’t help myself.

I wasn’t going to write about Nova (Nephilim Code #1).
Truly I wasn’t.
But I’m just so excited that the book is coming out – this Saturday, 7th March 2015 – that I just couldn’t help myself.

A couple of lucky people got advance copies for the exchange of an honest review. I didn’t tell them what to write, or what rating give the book, and I don’t even know the person who posted the first review. Wouldn’t know her if I fell over her in the street. I only saw her profile photo when I logged into Goodreads and found the review waiting for me.

Guess what she gave? A 5* review. I am so stoked. I know that lower reviews will follow, it’s the way of the world. Not everyone will like the book – gasp – but I am completely over the moon that the first review is a 5*.

Want to read it?  – First 5* Review 

So, anyway I’m in such a good mood that I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at Nova.

But only if you’re interested.
Don’t want to bore you with it if you’re not interested.

Okay. To the right of the page, you’ll see the cover for Nova – under ‘Titles by TP Hogan’ (you may need to scroll down a bit – no not the one on the bottom of this post 🙂 ), click on that, then click on SNEAK PEAK.

Only three days to go until Nova (Nephilim Code #1) comes out and you can read the full thing.

3 days to go

Nova (Nephilim Code #1) by TP Hogan – Cover Reveal

 3D Image of Nova (Nephilim Code #1)



Coming March 7th 2015 on Amazon

Title: Nova

Series: Nephilim Code

Author: TP Hogan

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Cover Designer: Ashley Byland from Redbird Designs


Nephilim walk among us. Descendants of Angels who just want to live their lives without humans knowing they exist. Some of them anyway. Then there are the ones who want to rule over us. Like in the days of old, they want to be considered our ‘gods’.

My name is Nova Quinn. I’m a photographer…and human.

Well, I was.Read More »