The Book – RIP

A friend of mine posted this poster on Facebook:-

Surprising book facts Photo: Robert Brewer

The original creator, Robb Brewer, created it to in order for people to start thinking about the importance of reading. He even admits that not all the statistics are scientific.

I took this poster (and his blog post) to mean the importance of reading for pleasure, rather than reading at all.Read More »


1,000 Words

How much easier would it be if the first thousand words of your manuscript were already written for you?

Well they do say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I was watching a repeat of ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club the other day and Clare Wright, one of the book reviewers in that episode (May 2014) reviewed a book by Toni Jordan, entitled ‘Nine Days’.

As part of the review Clare said

“…it’s (Nine Days) very tightly structured around this photo that she (Toni Jordan) found in the State Library of Victoria archives, and she has woven a story around what might have happened to bring these two people together at this particular point….”

I love that. An entire book woven from the story spark of a photograph. I’d say this picture was worth a little more than a thousand words to Toni Jordan.Read More »