Shattered Blog Tour – Day 8

Day eight of the Shattered Blog tour.


I am absolutely rapt by the fantastic reviews.

Here’s a snippet of the 4.5 ‘sigh’ review from 2 Blonds, Books & Booze (Day 7 blog host)

“…Romantic and intriguing, original yet refreshing, the mystery surrounding Sebastian and his mirrors kept us glued to the pages….”

Let’s take a look at who is sharing about Mattie and Bastian today.

Confessions of a Book Whore

The Avid Reader

Who Picked This?

Love Bites and Silk

Dowie’s Place

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Choosing Alone; Writing 101 Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 – Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind. (Part truth, part fiction – TP)

I see her sitting there. Her shoulders hunch, her head is down, a cave unto herself. Buried in the scarf and beany she still wears despite the heat in the coffee shop. Her fingers clutch the cardboard coffee cup as though it is her only lifeline. Perhaps she hopes no one notices the single solitary tear. It lands, a deluge on the glossy wooden table. She drops her head further. I can no longer see her face.

Another is sitting near the window. Her suit is white. Immaculate. Her shoulders are pulled back. She has such straight posture. I wonder if it hurts her to move. The rhythmic glint of her manicured fingernails draws my attention as she drums her fingers on the table. She looks at her phone then out the window. I think she could be waiting for someone.
A grimace crosses her face as she tastes her coffee. Turning her head in quick movements like a crow, she glares at the barista.  If looks could kill. The rhythmic flashing starts again. Apparently she’s waited long enough. Leaving her coffee on the table she collects her bag and heads for the door. I can feel the vibration of every slam of her heels on the floorboards with each harsh step. She looks at no one.Read More »