In the Beginning

It doesn’t matter what you do…you have to start somewhere. We all have a ‘first’ at something. Some of them are amazingly successful. Some of them are so horrendously awful you NEVER want the results to ever see the light of day again. (Yes, first attempt at baking I’m talking to you. I’m sure monumental masons would be the only ones to love that particular cake attempt.)

Some of my firsts have made it onto my blog and I want to share 5 of them. Some of them are quite mediocre, but I want to show that firsts are just that. The first attempt.

The first attempt will never be perfect. But unless the first attempts are also the last attempts, they will get better.

  1. My first attempt at poetry. I must say poetry is not my thing. Those who do know a bit more about poetry will instantly know where I gained my inspiration.
  2. My first attempt at writing from a male point of view. This one was hard. I don’t care what the popular theory is, males are different to females and writing from a male point of view is totally different from writing a female point of view. Writing this was the starting point in being able to write male points of view for ‘Edward (Book #2 Nephilim Code’ and ‘Zeph (Book 3 Nephilim Code)’.
  3. My first blog post. This was a while ago now. I remember trying to figure out what to write. How to write it. And then, when it was done, working up the courage to press post.
  4. My first cover reveal.  This was exciting times. My first cover reveal. The cover of my first book, back when I was literally weeks away from my first ever book being published. It is still that exciting.
  5. My first book trailer. I didn’t make this. Ducan from Business Communication Managment did. He did a fantastic job. (But I could be bias.)


So there are a few of my ‘firsts’.
What are some of yours?

Shattered by TP Hogan – Book Trailer

Shattered has a book trailer. I’m so excited about it.

Until I won the book trailer for Nova, I didn’t know book trailers existed. And to be honest, when I say the words ‘book trailer’ to anyone they give me the strangest look…and invariably ask,

“What is a book trailer?”

Well, a book trailer is like a movie trailer, but for a book. (It is not, as my husband suggests – the thing you hook to the back of your book as you go driving down the road !!! )

Didn’t you know they existed, either? Look it up in You-tube. Some of them are horrendous and some of them make you want to go right out and buy that book.

Apparently, Shattered’s book trailer makes people want to go out and buy the book – phew – as seen by this recent 5-star review by reader ‘AM’.

I had lost my reading mojo… But I seen the book trailer for this book and could not download it quick enough I read this book today I could not put it down, had me on the edge of my seat because I could not wait to see what happened. Love the characters Matilda & Bastian and thoroughly enjoyed the journey TP Hogan took me on.

Would you like to see the trailer?

Book Trailer – Nova (Nephilim Code #1)

When I was at the RWDU a few months ago, I placed my business card in the entry to win a book trailer. A book trailer usually costs $500+ for a decent one, so it was a fantastic prize.

I went away and didn’t think much of it until I received this as a notification on Facebook:-

Photo: Business Communication Managment
Photo: Business Communication Managment


That was a few weeks ago. Well, now, not one – but two – book trailers are finished and uploaded. And they are AWESOME

I am absolutely stoked about this. And a HUGE thank you to Duncan from Business Communications Management, firstly for having the prize to win in the first place…and for making the process easy and painless. He has done a fantastic job.

Enough gushing. How about I show you the finished product?Read More »