Titan Elite (Demigods #2)

by Kolleen Fraser


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What are you willing to fight for?
With her experiences at the Academy behind her, Phoenyx Ember and her fellow Titans leave the sanctuary of the island, embarking on the Titan tour.
Battles in the arena won’t be the only fight they have ahead of them.
Expectations are high and nothing is as it seems.
Life off the island is a very different world, where money buys freedom and power is always for sale



And the team is back. We first meet Phoenyx Ember in the self-titled book one of the Demigod series (see review here), and her time at the Academy for dangerous Demigods is at an end.

Fraser has done a fantastic job at keeping the characters real. I love that about this book, in fact this entire series so far. Except for one character, the villain, who is only ever seen as a ‘villain’, every single character is grey. Not dull, but shades of black and white. They are neither all good, or all nice, and neither are they all mean, or all selfish. Every single one of them is multi-faceted.

Nyx is still a hot mess, far from perfect she screws up over and over again as she comes to terms with who she can trust, a mountain of secrets, and a world far different from what she thought it was.

I very much enjoyed the way she comes to terms with men in her life and although I loved the build of her relationship with Mason, I thought the Silas relationship was quite abrupt considering how book one ended. Then there’s Ash. Oh my gosh, even though we glimpse a little of his motivations – seriously! And Marcus, if someone could smack him on the upside of the head, that would be great. It just shows that Fraser writes fantastic, far from perfect characters.

I love how, in this book, she un-packaged all the secondary characters a little more too and lets Nyx see that perhaps she isn’t the only messed up Demigod around.

Let’s just say there is enough convoluted emotional baggage to keep a psychiatrist well paid for years.

Also I loved that despite all the training, Nyx isn’t spectacular in the arena. It made a nice change to the hero she-man usual in this genre.

When I found out what other secrets Marcus had hidden from her, namely the other powers Nyx is capable of, I was super excited, so I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t really come into play, although I have to admit, it did feel realistic that she would use what she knows when the brown stuff hits the oscillating rotator.

I did find that while the action scenes started off fantastically, they did tend to fizzle before the end, however, overall I found the story fast paced and never dragged, keeping you entertained from start to finish.

The story is M15+ (course language and mild sex scenes)

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ – 4 stars

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