In the Beginning

It doesn’t matter what you do…you have to start somewhere. We all have a ‘first’ at something. Some of them are amazingly successful. Some of them are so horrendously awful you NEVER want the results to ever see the light of day again. (Yes, first attempt at baking I’m talking to you. I’m sure monumental masons would be the only ones to love that particular cake attempt.)

Some of my firsts have made it onto my blog and I want to share 5 of them. Some of them are quite mediocre, but I want to show that firsts are just that. The first attempt.

The first attempt will never be perfect. But unless the first attempts are also the last attempts, they will get better.

  1. My first attempt at poetry. I must say poetry is not my thing. Those who do know a bit more about poetry will instantly know where I gained my inspiration.
  2. My first attempt at writing from a male point of view. This one was hard. I don’t care what the popular theory is, males are different to females and writing from a male point of view is totally different from writing a female point of view. Writing this was the starting point in being able to write male points of view for ‘Edward (Book #2 Nephilim Code’ and ‘Zeph (Book 3 Nephilim Code)’.
  3. My first blog post. This was a while ago now. I remember trying to figure out what to write. How to write it. And then, when it was done, working up the courage to press post.
  4. My first cover reveal.  This was exciting times. My first cover reveal. The cover of my first book, back when I was literally weeks away from my first ever book being published. It is still that exciting.
  5. My first book trailer. I didn’t make this. Ducan from Business Communication Managment did. He did a fantastic job. (But I could be bias.)


So there are a few of my ‘firsts’.
What are some of yours?

5 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. I can’t even remember what my first blog post was, but I know that it is probably something I wouldn’t dream of posting now, but it’s all a learning curve.

  2. ‘Firsts’ are always so awkward, but as you say, you need a ‘first’ before you can do anything with any confidence.

    First blog post: how I can relate. I still have my first blog post on my blog, even if I can see how inadequate it is. I didn’t know no many things, back then. Still, I can’t bring myself to take it down, not at the moment, even if I’ve taken down so many other blog post.

    And let me tell you, the first time I saw the backend of a blog I thought: what the hell is this? How can soemthign like this turn into something like that (what you then see, I mean). And look, now I use it everyday and feels like such a normal thing to do 😉

    I absolutely agree with you that writing a male POV has nothing to do with writing a female POV and I really can’t wrap my head around how writers can say it is really the same thing.
    But you know? I’ve always prefered writing males, I don’t know why. Not that I feel more comfortable, or that I don’t like writing females, it’s just that I prefer. I can’t explain it.

    • I had fun writing ‘Edward’ and ‘Zeph’, both my male characters. I was able to be people who are completely not like me. Maybe that where the fun is at. 😀

      Firsts are sometimes scary but like you say, after a while it becomes ‘normal’, ‘everyday’. It doesn’t mean that the next new ‘first’ is any easier. Or that you suddenly become an expert at firsts, unfortunately.

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