Shattered by TP Hogan – Book Trailer

Shattered has a book trailer. I’m so excited about it.

Until I won the book trailer for Nova, I didn’t know book trailers existed. And to be honest, when I say the words ‘book trailer’ to anyone they give me the strangest look…and invariably ask,

“What is a book trailer?”

Well, a book trailer is like a movie trailer, but for a book. (It is not, as my husband suggests – the thing you hook to the back of your book as you go driving down the road !!! )

Didn’t you know they existed, either? Look it up in You-tube. Some of them are horrendous and some of them make you want to go right out and buy that book.

Apparently, Shattered’s book trailer makes people want to go out and buy the book – phew – as seen by this recent 5-star review by reader ‘AM’.

I had lost my reading mojo… But I seen the book trailer for this book and could not download it quick enough I read this book today I could not put it down, had me on the edge of my seat because I could not wait to see what happened. Love the characters Matilda & Bastian and thoroughly enjoyed the journey TP Hogan took me on.

Would you like to see the trailer?


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