Zeph (Nephilim Code #3) – Update

It’s late on Tuesday night as I type this. I’ve looked at the clock, seen the time, and had an  – oh (insert appropriate expletive here) moment.
Normally, I have a blog post researched, thought out and typed up by this stage.
This week hasn’t been ‘normal’.

You see, this week – I’ve had Zeph.

For those who don’t know, Zeph is a character in the Nephilim Code series. He is also the lead character of the third book. And he’s also being very stubborn and a pain in the rear end.

To be honest, it’s not all his fault. But it’s fun to blame him, anyway.

27 days ago, I was feeling very proud of myself. I had finished the first draft of Zeph. Done. Completed. Now I could have a glass of wine to celebrate and get the story out to my awesome Beta readers. After all, I have a due date for the publishing of this story, and I was well ahead of my own schedule.

The first step that I make before providing my Beta readers with any story, is to show the completed manuscript to my husband.  Usually, this works out well. He’ll read the story, give me a few pointers, show me where my sentences are too wordy, (And believe me I can have several of those very wordy sentences in a row because I seem to be able to type a great many words without taking a breath) and generally give the story a resounding thumbs up, before it goes onto the Beta readers.

Only this time it didn’t happen.

This time, my loving, caring, wonderful husband, proceeded to rip Zeph’s story apart. Apparently there were too many endings. To many things I’d tried to resolve from the first and second books. It made the story, drawn out, longwinded and boring. It also lost the all-important thing.

Zeph’s story.

Apparently, my first draft should have been called ‘Nova and Edward’s wrap up of all loose ends’, and not ‘Zeph’ at all.

The sad thing?

The sad thing is once he pointed it out – gulp – I could see it was all too true.

So I cut and slashed, trimmed and plucked. Everything that wasn’t Zeph’s story, or important to Zeph’s story was removed and left bleeding and writhing in the ‘bits ’n’ pieces’ file. (I don’t ever delete anything until the book is published. Who knows what I’ll need)

This act of ‘cruel to be kind’ dropped my once lovely 53,000 word manuscript down to 12,500 words. (Give or take a few).


So now, I’ve spent the last moment of spare time I’ve managed to scrape together in the last 27 days to basically re-write the entire story. A forced out-of-time NaMoWriMo of my own, if you will. It kind of did coincide, I suppose.  At least partly.

So, here I am, writing a blog post very late on the Tuesday night, only hours before it’s due to be posted, because Zeph has kept me secluded and busy.

Here’s hoping that his story is worth it. (!) And that I get it finished very, very soon. And that hubby approves it. And that I get to finally get to drink that bottle of celebratory wine.


7 thoughts on “Zeph (Nephilim Code #3) – Update

  1. Ouch! From 53,000 words down to 12,500 words is quite a wrench. Best of luck, and enjoy that glass – no, bottle – of wine when you finally get it.

    • Let me tell you, it wasn’t accepted without a lot of wailing and denial, but sometimes when Hubby is right – he is right.
      And it definitely feels a better story already.

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