Book Magic

Photo: light and books by Katie Hiscock. CC BY 2.0
Photo: light and books by Katie Hiscock. CC BY 2.0

I like books. I like stories. I like escaping from ‘reality’ for a few hours. I know you can get that from a movie too, and don’t me wrong I like movies, I just like books in a more intimate way. Movies, kind of wash over you, and you can admire from afar, like a painting of a beach. Books are so much more immersive.

There’s a place I go to when I read a book. It doesn’t happen for all stories, and I’ve never had it happen in an e-book…yet. When it happens, I know it’s a great story. I’m not even sure I can explain it well. Certainly, it’s going to sound loco. There’s a magical moment where, although I know I’m reading, I can no longer see the words. I’m there. I hear the characters, see the place, hear the sounds, taste the air, feel the cold…I can almost touch the world.

Then someone nearby coughs, or a dog barks, or some interrupts occurs – and it’s gone. There is actually a moment of discombobulation, and a sense of loss. I want it back, but I know it won’t happen easily, or even for the rest of that book. It’s a rare immersion. Elusive. But when it happens, it’s the most amazing experience.

Now that I’ve come across as a complete lunatic, I don’t know what it is, or why it happens. I just know that it contributes to my love of books. Call me old fashioned, but I also happen to love the feel of a book in my hands. The weight of it, the rub of my fingers across the paper, the flick and slide of a turning page. The ability to flip to the cover whenever I want to. And there’s a certain scent that books carry, that I just can’t get my e-reader to emulate. (Maybe that is something e-reader designers could work on next?)

Oh I understand and appreciate the ease and convenience of an e-reader. Particularly when travelling, but at home, curled up with a story…I prefer a book. There’s something comforting. Like hot chocolate and fire light, a book in my hands just relaxes me.


4 thoughts on “Book Magic

  1. I completely agree with you.

    Only thing, I don’t know if the ereader has a problem. I’ve been using it for too short a time, and hoselty , just for casual reads, so that might be the reason why those magic moments have never happened on the ereader. I think it’s about the story, not about the devise. But I do use the ereader more for disposable reads, while I still buy a real book if I really like the story.
    So… 🙂

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