Wanted: New Ideas

Photo: Paper Ball by Condesign CC0 Public Domain
Photo: Paper Ball by Condesign CC0 Public Domain


When I started my blog 16 months ago, I was full of go-go juice. I had posts brainstormed, written up and waiting to go live.  Several of them. Like little tin soldiers waiting their turn at the front line.
Not all of them were stellar, but they were there – written and waiting. I couldn’t wait to sit still long enough to get the next idea written out.

Now, sadly the well is drying up. Even when I tap my friend ‘Google’ on the shoulder and he comes up with ‘Blog post ideas’ I look at them and go ‘nah, nope, no, hmm…maybe’. I now have a few post ideas in my ‘maybe’ pile, but none of them jump up, hit me on the back of the head and say ‘write me’.

When I’m writing a story and I hit writers block, I just write. Doesn’t matter. Just type or scribble to get the juices flowing. It could be total hogwash and not make any sense. Even if I don’t write the story I’m working on, I’ll end up with a few sentences or a scene that I put into my ‘ideas’ file. For some reason this doesn’t seem to work with blog posts. I don’t know why. It could be because the blog has a different sensibility to it. It’s not fiction. It’s me. My thoughts, my opinions, and my life all on the page. As an introvert, doing this is sometimes scary. Oh my gosh, when I go back and read some of the posts that have revealed things about me and my personal life, I cringe and wonder why I ever posted.

It could also be a time thing. When I started my blog, I hadn’t had a book published and I wasn’t studying. Now, on top of this blog and working full time…I am studying part-time, stumbling through promoting my books and attempting to have all 3 books of the Nephilim Code out this year. I’m not so sure I can anymore, but it is the plan.

Whatever the reason…I’m now coming to you for help for ideas for this blog.

Soon I’ll have an update on Zeph (Nephilim Code #3), but I’d love your help for beyond that.

Why do you read this blog?
What do you like?
What do you dislike?
What would you like to see more of?
What would you like to see less of?

Please feel free to add anything else to the comments. This is your chance to let me know what you think.
Thanks so much, in advance, for helping me out. 😀


8 thoughts on “Wanted: New Ideas

  1. Well, I’m not going to answer all your questions, but I’ll tell you this. I read this blog because it’s written by a fellow writer who published before I did (or do, I’m still not published 😉 )
    The first time, I stopped because I liked the idea of your “Shattered mirror” novel. Then I kept reading because much of your uncertainties and doubts are like mine.
    Empathy? Maybe.

    As for how I go about writing posts from my blog: I pay attention to what people seem to like most.
    For example, in the first months of my blog, I avoided writing about my topic, the Roaring Twenties, because I don’t think I’m any kind of expert. But last April I took part in the AtoZ Challenge and I wrote about the Twenties.
    It was a success, more than I ever expected. So I’ve kept writing about the Twenties and those are usually my more successful posts.
    I also noticed that one of the most successful posts in that series was the one about the New Woman, so now I’m working on a series of articles about that subject.
    It’s still things I like to write about, things I know because I’ve researched them, but also things I’d have probably never write about if I hadn’t noticed that’s what my readers are interested about.

    Don’t know whether this can help you. I hope it does 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah, yes it does help.
      I love the idea about the ‘A to Z’ challenge. Had a quick read up on what it was, and it sounds like fun. I won’t post daily though, as my blog is a weekly one…but I think this idea is a go-er. Thanks so much.

      • I’m happy I was of help. The AtoZ Challege taught me a lot of things, I met so many people, and yes it was just pain fun… even with a bit of stress for the posting every day schedule.
        But as I said, that too taught me a lot 🙂

  2. I sometimes find it extremely hard to come up with ideas for blog-posts too. I used to struggle to supply two posts per month – my own writing blog and a joint blog with three other writers called Scribbling Scribes. Then I invented a third blog to write about my theatre interests, and I really struggled to write three per month. Lately that third blog has lapsed and I’m fine with it because I’d rather not force it out just for the sake of filling its monthly archive. When I next have something interesting to write there I will do it, but not until then.

    I confess I have no idea how often you post – I just click on your posts when they come up in my Reader because I know they’ll be interesting. There’s nothing wrong with writing fewer posts. I have un-followed so many blogs which have become boring simply because the blogger has tried to post every day but no longer has anything interesting to say, so they are just filling up scrolling space on my screen. That may sound harsh, but I’d rather read quality posts from good bloggers like you every once in a while than have to wade through screeds of mediocre stuff scraped from the bottom of someone else’s barrel just because they made a promise to post every day. I was brought up to believe that when one has nothing to say, one should say nothing.

    The best advice I can offer is to show up at the page every now and then as an exercise and just write the first thing that comes into your head – rather like Julia Cameron’s morning pages in her book “The Artist’s Way” – and keep on writing until eventually something will come out that either makes a bit of sense and can be expanded upon, or else it leads you completely off the topic and onto one that you now realise you want to expand into a blog-post but would never have guessed half an hour before.

    Personally I always find it interesting to read about the research that writers do, some background info on the subject matter in their books, or just the quirky things that happen in their neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to be revealing personal stuff – just things that people in other parts of the world may not have experienced before. For example, what are you studying, why, and how is it going? I enjoyed your post about the conference you went to a few months back. I loved your books “Shattered” and “Nova” but haven’t yet read “Edward.” I wonder how you got the idea about the mirror world for “Shattered” and would enjoy reading some of your background on how you came up with the concept. I don’t know much about Nephilim and what they are, so you could fill in some of the gaps for those of us who hadn’t encountered the term before reading your book. And of course I’m looking forward to reading about Zeph.

    Best of luck!

    • Wow, that’s almost a post in itself. 😀
      I love some of your ideas, and thanks for letting me know what you would like to read more of. You’ve been extremely helpful. Definitely, I’ll be answering some of your questions and posting on that.
      PS. I post on Wednesdays….generally.

  3. I always struggled with what to write on my blog, I never could even figure out a direction that I wanted to go in. It’s on hiatus right now until I decide what I’m going to be doing with my writing, hopefully that will spark ideas.
    That being said I like your travel logs and your research discoveries. I always like to learn a new thing.

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