Research and discoveries

Blue books with orange ribbon bookmark
Photo: Bookmark by Quinn Dombrowski. CC BY-SA 2.0

When you leave high school, there is a general sense of euphoria.  No more homework, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks. Unless you decide to become an author.
Then there’s a lot of homework and books.

I was cleaning out my notebook pile the other day and I was amazed at the different pieces of research I’ve done. Some of it was deliberate. Some of it was done in a ‘start looking for the meaning of a word and end up looking at the life cycle of the obscure insect’ kind of way.

Some of the things I’ve researched in the last year or three include:

  • Crystal pyramids in the Bermuda triangle.
  • How to take photos
  • Camera a professional photographer uses.
  • Software a professional photographer uses.
  • The mechanics of a helicopter
  • The bone structure of a bird
  • Oxygen in the atmosphere
  • Basic training required for the Australian army
  • Greek mythology
  • Nephilim lore
  • Mermaid lore
  • Shifter lore
  • Siren lore
  • Training required for a tattoo artist
  • Mirror restoration

Not bad for someone who left high school…mumble…years ago. I actually have fun with the research. Some of it, you’ll discover when you read one of my books, although, not all of it is used in a book. Some of it just sets off a story spark idea instead. And some of it I just glean the basics to give authenticity to a character.

What are some amazing facts you’ve discovered about something you never thought to find yourself researching?


6 thoughts on “Research and discoveries

  1. It’s amazing what your initial research can lead to. I too have notebooks that would make no sense to anybody else. In one of them I have pages and pages of notes comparing various Supercars because I wrote a high speed car chase where my heroine steals/borrows a dead man’s fancy car. Of course, this also involved sitting through hours of Top Gear episodes which was enormous fun…

    I like the new theme for your blog, by the way.

    • It’s always great when research is planned and you actually learn a whole heap of great stuff.
      When you can apply it or surprise yourself by knowing the ‘answer’, it’s always better.

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