Update – Nephilim Code

Nephilim Code - Teaser 1


I’ve had a few awesome people contact me and ask about Zeph (Nephilim Code #3), so I thought I’d give a quick update here.
As of today, Zeph is still being written.

I had Nova (Nephilim Code #1) written before ‘Shattered’ was released; so I was able to start writing Edward (Nephilim Code #2) just after the release of Shattered. By the time Nova was published, Edward was ready for edits. Unfortunately for Zeph, I wasn’t able to start writing him book three, until a few weeks before Edward was published. This means that while there was only a 4 month period between the release of Nova and Edward, the wait between Edward and Zeph will be longer.

I promise to keep you updated on Zeph’s progress…if you’re interested. Until then, I am writing the story as fast as I can.

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