Book Trailer – Nova (Nephilim Code #1)

When I was at the RWDU a few months ago, I placed my business card in the entry to win a book trailer. A book trailer usually costs $500+ for a decent one, so it was a fantastic prize.

I went away and didn’t think much of it until I received this as a notification on Facebook:-

Photo: Business Communication Managment
Photo: Business Communication Managment


That was a few weeks ago. Well, now, not one – but two – book trailers are finished and uploaded. And they are AWESOME

I am absolutely stoked about this. And a HUGE thank you to Duncan from Business Communications Management, firstly for having the prize to win in the first place…and for making the process easy and painless. He has done a fantastic job.

Enough gushing. How about I show you the finished product?

This is the “long” one at a whopping 1min 50secs

This is the “short” one at only 1min 10secs

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


5 thoughts on “Book Trailer – Nova (Nephilim Code #1)

  1. Oh, I’m so envious! I know, I odn’t even have a story out to create a trailer for, but I really envy you for having these two.
    Though, you know? I think I kind of like the shorter one better 🙂

  2. I am envious too! These are both great. Personally I like the longer one. Well done for winning the prize – what an unexpected bonus that must have been, on top of attending the conference.

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