Celebrate the small victories

The journey to achieving your dreams can be a very long road indeed.

It’s longer than you thought, and filled with more obstacles than you had ever dreamed of. So how do you keep from giving up?

Sometimes I find a look back can be good. Instead of focusing, always, on where you still need to go, turn around and have a moment to appreciate what you have achieved.
Also, celebrate the small victories along the way.

  • The first draft is written. Celebrate that.
  • The tenth edit completed. Celebrate that.
  • Formatting completed. Celebrate that.
  • Holding the book in your hand. Celebrate that.

I’ve found that if I celebrate the small victories, then when I’m struggling or faced with something else that has gone wrong, or has taken longer than I wanted it or planned it to take…I can take a moment to see the milestones that I have passed to reach this point. I can concentrate on the fact that I have come this far. I am actually here, at this moment, facing what I need to face because of how far I have already come. That gives me encouragement to keep going, to keep striving and to keep achieving my dream. It may not be much but despite the setbacks, struggles, and discouragement, I’m still here. I’m still working toward my dream.


4 thoughts on “Celebrate the small victories

  1. I will soon send an aplication for a PhD.project. I have been sending such job aplications for 15 years. This time I will also celebrate…. That wouldn’t hurt, would it?

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