Internet Meme - 9GAG
Internet Meme – 9GAG

They say that there are two things you never want to watch being made.
Sausages and policy.

I don’t know about those two, but I’m finding that watching things being made is fast becoming an eye opener.
When you read a book, it’s two hours of your time; but it can take years of research, writing, editing and promotion to get that book into your hands.

When you click on a website, you give it about 10 seconds to impress you before clicking and flicking onto another page. Until recently I hadn’t given much thought to what goes into designing and creating a website.

Oh wow.

I’m having a website created at the moment. I have no knowledge of ‘HTML’ or ‘CSS’ or coding or anything, so I’ve found an awesome lady from ‘Runge Creative’ to help me out with that. She’s keeping me updated every step of the way.

Oh my goodness, the actual work involved just to have a ‘home page’ display. The creation of the background took nearly 4 hours on its own, and that was just the time I was watching her work, and she’s a wiz on the programs she uses.

“You want that? Okay, let me try this.”

That’s not to mention all the work and time she spent on the original two mock-ups that ended up being ditched. And that’s not the only page on the site.

I want a slide-show to show off my teasers. Yep, no worries. That just involves her taking all my teasers and re-sizing them to fit the template. I helped her out on that because it was a huge job and I’d created the teasers in the first place, so I had all the original images. The ones that just wouldn’t work on the smaller size had to be re-created from scratch. That was another 4 or so hours, just on the time I spent. I don’t know how much time she spent, but she had to code the slide show to work, so I’m figuring much more than I did.

The amount of work, time, research, trial and error that goes into creating a website is astounding. And it’s not something I usually think about when I click and flick on the internet.

I think it’s healthy to see how things are made once in a while. I know I have a tendency to become complacent. It doesn’t matter what you hold in your hands or what it is you see, someone somewhere has taken time, research and effort to create that.

And that alone should be appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Appreciated

  1. I love watching things being made, I love making things too, but the end never belies the amount of work that goes into a thing.

  2. You know, I deal with this every day and I know people often just get things for granted and never think that your whims can mean a loads of work for someone else.

    I work in a publishing house. My job is mostly behidn the counter, but I see this happening so often: an author brings in the manuscript and because their work is finished, they think the book is done. A shocking number of them don’t understand that before the book is ready to go to bookshops, there is a huge amount of work to be done by many people, and if authors change they mind (and you’d be surprise how often this happenes) for example about the fond ot the title, that will stop the process to the printing, the book will go back to the designer (and there is no garantee this will take just a click to fix), the preparation of the file, the actual print. Because for them it’s just a twick, they don’t think there is actual work behind it.
    So they end up saying things like, “But I gave you the complete file a month ago, it’s unprofessional that the book is not in my hands yet.” (this is something an author actually said to me lately).
    To do a professional job, a month is a ridiculously short ammount of time, especially if you think that we are a publisher and luckily we don’t just have one author to look after.

    I really think looking behind the scene would be healthy for a lot of people.

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