Away, away.

Photo: IMG_3196 by Shaun Garrity. CC BY 2.0
Photo: IMG_3196 by Shaun Garrity. CC BY 2.0


I’m going away.
Not for long.
I am going to attend my very first ever Author Event.

I would love to say I’m going as an Author, but in reality, I was too chicken.

I was told about the Readers & Writers Down Under Event last year shortly after the release of Shattered. As a novice Author who had never attended an ‘Author’ event in her life, I was terrified of the idea. I did not know then that Nova (Nephilim Code #1) would be published, or that I would meet so many awesome Authors who would also be attending the event.

Still, I think that playing spectator for the first Author event I attend is going to be great. I’ll get to ‘suss’ out what Authors are doing, how they are doing it, and picking up hints and tips for next year. I’m looking forward to putting faces and voices to the profile pictures and personalities I’ve met over the last few months. Getting to actually met the people who have been giving me advice and encouragement.

And maybe, just maybe…meeting a few people who have read my books.

I’m very, very excited. Like a kid in a toy shop, I won’t know what to look at first, and there’ll be so many lights and colours and all things shiny. At least I hope so.

I’m, very nearly, all packed…and I have all my tickets in a safe place.
MUST not forget the tickets!

So…I’ll catch you on the flip side next week, and we’ll all see how it went.

Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “Away, away.

    • Hey, Mr Todd.
      Happy to help, but I’ll take more than what will fit comfortably in a comment box. Shoot me an email. The address is listed on the ‘Contact Me’ page. 🙂

    • R. Todd, you may have heard back specifics to your question from Ms. Hogan, but just FYI: if you right click anywhere on this page and select “View Page Source”, you can find the actual code used by searching relevant text strings. For what you asked about it is line 203/204. I learn a lot of techniques this way although it isn’t always the BEST way to do something.

  1. Good luck and lots of fun. Hope you`ll learn a lot that will help you with publishing your books. Looking forward to hear about it when you are back.

  2. Good luck! Enjoy yourself surrounded by all that fellow-authorship activity. I’m sure it will be like an undiluted injection of inspiration.

  3. That sounds awsome!

    And I think going to ‘just watch’ the first time is a good idea. These are important events and you don’t want to go as a guest knowing nothing about what people actually do, what’s effective, what isn’t, what is fun and what isn’t.
    Next year, you’ll be all geared up for it 🙂

    Have a lot of fun and keep us posted!!!!

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