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I read an article the other day that completely blew everything I’ve been taught out of the water.

Okay maybe nothing so drastic, but it certainly made me stop and think.

(It’s a long read – so you’ll need to have some time to read.)

The thing is, I’m a self-published author. I don’t have a distribution arm. I don’t have a publicity company attached to my brand. And I don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars lying around to pay for advertising. I’ve got word of mouth, and I’ve got social media.

Granted, I hate seeing tweet, after tweet of ‘buy my book’ on my twitter feed, and I don’t like pushing the same onto the world. I’d prefer tweets from authors that invoke a conversation, then over time you get to know them through interactions like that. This followed by checking out their book.  Thing is…I’m not terribly good at coming up with awesome and amazing tweets that’ll start a conversation.

Then there’s Facebook. Lots of ‘buy my book’ showing on my wall too. And the whole Facebook algorithm thing about 12% of posts get seen by 20% of followers/friends….or whatever the actual numbers are. Basically, not everything you post is going to be seen by all your friends and followers even if they are online in on Facebook at the time of the post. So even using Facebook to keep in touch with long distance relatives is hard, let alone trying to get word out about a book.

But at least FB seems friendlier. More laid back. As much as I like the friends I’ve made on Twitter, it always reminds me of those stock-market floors you see in movies. Noise and bustle, and too much going on at once.

I’m not even game enough to get into all the other social media platforms.

I get that it’s a social network, not an advertising platform and I respect that. It takes time and effort to find and cultivate friendships (or engaged follow-ships at least) and it is worth the effort. It’s just, at the moment no one has come up with an alternative idea, and no writer I know (myself included) has the time to sit and feed the monster of dozens and dozens of social media platforms, if they want to write.

If the social media ‘word-of-mouth getting your book out there’ bubble is deflating, what do self-published authors do next? How does a self-published author, with no corporate connections and little money get the book out in front of readers so they know the book exists? And does all this effort even work?

What was the most recent self-published/indi-author book you read – and how did you find out about it?


4 thoughts on “Social Media Muse

  1. Yoursfirst is probably my latest such book, before that I bought two non-fiction books from another blogger. I would guess only bloging gives readers the right kind of sample…. But keeping good blogs in unfortunately as much work as writing the books is.

  2. I learned about the few indi-published books I’ve read so far from socials. The way you said, I got in touch with the authors, we started chatting, I became curious about their work and I bought it.
    So as far as I can tell, socials’ tam-tam worked for me.

    I would just say that what’s true for indi-authors, it’s true for trad-pubbed authors too. Nowadays, no publisher, no matter how big it is, can afford promoting all its authors, so debutants end up doing the same exact thing indi-authors do.
    This is why I think finding your own way to promote you book is of vital importance, no mater what route you’re taking. Right, finding ‘your own way of doing it’ is the hard part, but if you work it out, you’re all set.

    As sad as it may sound to us, I’m afraid the days when authors could afford to just write their books are long gone 😦

    • Thanks for that input and I’d say you’re right. It’s not just the indie author/self-publisher that faces this. I think I needed that reminder. 😀

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