Nova (Nephilim Code #1) by TP Hogan – Cover Reveal

 3D Image of Nova (Nephilim Code #1)



Coming March 7th 2015 on Amazon

Title: Nova

Series: Nephilim Code

Author: TP Hogan

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Cover Designer: Ashley Byland from Redbird Designs


Nephilim walk among us. Descendants of Angels who just want to live their lives without humans knowing they exist. Some of them anyway. Then there are the ones who want to rule over us. Like in the days of old, they want to be considered our ‘gods’.

My name is Nova Quinn. I’m a photographer…and human.

Well, I was.

Now I’m fighting for my life. I wasn’t supposed to survive but I did. Caught in a world where ‘superhuman’ abilities are normal, it’s hard enough trying to get a grip on this new reality. But when the other side shows up and wants to use my genetics for their experiments, suddenly it’s no longer enough to know Nephilim exist – I have to be one.

My name is Nova Quinn.

And I’m the created Nephilim.

Cover for Nova (Nephilim Code #1)

Author’s Note:

I’ve always wondered what ‘Nephilim’ might be like. The decedents of Angels and Humans. I mixed them with my theory that the Greek ‘gods’ were Nephilim and my love of Superheros and X-men…and came up with Nephilim Code.

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