Shattered Blog Tour – Day 13

Day thirteen. Unlucky for some…but not for Shattered.


I’ve got an awesome 4.5* review to share.

It’s from the Home is Where the Wine Is, Book Blog.

“Beautifully written with twists and turns throughout.  You will not be disappointed with this read!”

I know I’ve been talking a lot about Shattered (and I haven’t been the only one to do so on this blog tour) but I haven’t mentioned when to purchase a copy.

Very remiss of me. I’m sorry.

How can I tease you with Shattered like this and not tell you where to purchase?

Never fear…this is where you can obtain a copy of your very own.

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AU
Barnes and Noble

There you go. Now you know.

Now I’d like to give you the blogs which are sharing Shattered today.

Real Talk Book Talk

Two Sassy Chicks

Books Need TLC

Mixed Emotions Book Blog


Disclaimer: All blog hosts have been accepted by Hot Tree Promotions and may not host’G’ rated sites.

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