The Book – RIP

A friend of mine posted this poster on Facebook:-

Surprising book facts Photo: Robert Brewer

The original creator, Robb Brewer, created it to in order for people to start thinking about the importance of reading. He even admits that not all the statistics are scientific.

I took this poster (and his blog post) to mean the importance of reading for pleasure, rather than reading at all.

As one who is a natural bookworm it is an oddity to even consider that people out there choose not to read books.

Not visiting a book shop?
Not buying a book?

Why don’t people choose to read books? I’m not even talking about the ‘hold in your hand’ type either. I’m talking books in any format.

From the stats I could find…experts seem to agree that the humble book is on the decline. People are just not reading for pleasure as much as they used to.

Why not?

The more I think about it, the more it seems to come down to options. There are just too many options out there these days and the book is now competing against a plethora of other entertainment.

If I think about the bedroom of my childhood, my choices for entertainment were a clock radio and a bookcase. Our playroom had toys, (the type that went into a toy box) and a stereo but it didn’t even have a TV – at least not until we reached our teens.

I wasn’t disadvantaged but I also wasn’t bombarded with choices.

Today, the average child will have TVs, laptops, Ipads, playstations, phones and the internet all within easy reach and all without leaving their beds.

J.K. Rowling started something with the Harry Potter books. They were consumed voraciously by children of all ages, but this seemed to stop, or at least sharply decrease, when the movies were made. No longer is it guaranteed that a child will reach for the books for entertainment when watching the movie requires no participation or involvement to make the world come alive.

Despite my bookworm badge of honour, I must confess I am as guilty as the rest when choosing the movie over the book. I love the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, but have never read past ‘The Hobbit’.

Maybe ‘Nirvana’ had it right. We have generations of people who cry out… “Here I am, now entertain me.”

The child of today is enticed by the lights and sounds of constant input, while their imaginations – rarely used – like the book, will be left in the dark, alone, collecting dust. Reminiscent of an old man slowly walking down a dark street into the distance, we won’t even notice when he slips silently away…for good.


So do you agree with my theory? Or do you have one of your own?





6 thoughts on “The Book – RIP

  1. I wish I had one. But I guess that’s about it. Maybe most of us adults—for one reason or another, just ‘love’ to rob that imaginative moments called childhood from them.

    • I’m sure you’ll have one. An imagination that is. It may need a little exercising and healthy nourishment, but it should show itself. Hopefully :D.
      As for ‘robbing the imagination’, I think adults just forget how to think as a child. It’s easy really. Read books and practice using the imagination.

  2. I think technology has changed people and not always for the better. I think as a society we like what is fast and easy. We have programmed our brains to expect it. Reading was my passion as a child. I still like to read but I don’t take the time often enough to read a good book. By the way, I read your book and loved it!

    More than technology, more than adults forgetting how to be like a child, more than anything else, I have to say the art of storytelling is dying. How many kids are read to these days? I was impressed when my 3rd grader’s teacher took time out of the day to read to the class last year. As a 4th grade and 6th grade teacher I read to my students. My 4th graders begged me to let them stay in from recess so I could read more! I think illiteracy is on the rise more because literacy isn’t practiced in front of children as much as it used to be. The easy way out is a far more tempting proposition when the magic of books is unknown.

    • Wow. You nailed it. I completely agree with what you’ve said.
      Thanks for sneaking in the revelation that’d you’d read Shattered by the way. 😀 Glad you ‘loved’ it.

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