You know you’re a writer when…


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I’m starting this post today with a little detour. During the last week something pretty cool happened.
After I posted my last post ‘What if…?’The Piquant Storyteller, a blogger I met via the Writing 101 challenge, put this story spark theory to the test.

She asked her kids to write stories based on ‘What if…?’ questions. And they did. And the best part….she posted their stories to read. You have to check them out. Pretty amazing stuff. A family of writers. What could be better?

So how do you know if you are a writer? As I thought on the best way to answer this question, I happened to sit down to a showing of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

They were a quad of comedians who didn’t have to swear to be funny. That’s not to say they were not crude…they’re blokes.

Each of them has their own unique personality, comedic style and ‘fan-favourite’ segments. Bill Engvalls ‘Here’s your sign’ segment has even been made into a song.

Foxwothy’s ‘You know you’re a redneck when…’ is such a simple, quippy and pithy play on the image of rednecks yet has an unexamined elegance to it. Alright, maybe I just like the cadence.

You know you’re a redneck when…you slurp your soup though your tooth.

You know you’re a redneck when…you mow your yard and find three vehicles.

You know you’re a redneck when…you home is mobile and your vehicle isn’t.

This has such potential.
Are you ready?

You know you’re a writer when…

Now I don’t claim to be a comedian and the following isn’t an attempt to send you into gales of mirth or even ghost a smile. It’s more like that first cup of coffee in the morning. An instant pick up me.

Haven’t you ever experienced that soul-crushing moment of defeat when:-

  • you’re characters are playing hard to get,
  • you’ve received that 27th rejection letter,
  • you’re facing yet another edit

… and you wonder if you were ever meant to be a writer, and what gives you the audacity to claim to be one in the first place anyway?

Well if you can answer with a yes to any of these – You are a writer.

You know you’re a writer when…you give back stories to people on public transport

You know you’re a writer when…you narrate your own life like a description in a book

You know you’re a writer when…not being invited to parties doesn’t bother you; it’s a golden opportunity to write.

You know you’re a writer when…you ask ‘What if…?’

You know you’re a writer when…you don’t recognise TV shows anymore because it’s been such a long time since you’ve watched TV; you’ve been writing instead.

You know you’re a writer when…people ask if you did anything interesting on the weekend and you give them a run down of the challenges your main character is facing.

You know you’re a writer when…your friends ask up front if you’re talking about a real person or not

You know you’re a writer when…you write.

BTW, please feel free to add any more that you can think of in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “You know you’re a writer when…

  1. I guess I’m a writer! And just in case you haven’t heard of my absolute favorite comedian – who is PG rated at his raunchiest – I wanted to point you in his direction – Brian Regan. So funny – and you can take your kids to see him and not be worried.

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