Friendly Types

During the Writing 101 Challenge recently I found some real friendly types. Some liked my writing, and others I liked theirs.

One of them even went so far as to nominate me for the Most Influential Blogger Award. (Thank you Meredith.)
However, and meaning no disrespect to Meredith, the ‘Award’ requested you to create your own award image for your blog and to post your favourite youtube video as well as list ten ‘deserving bloggers’ with the award.

I don’t know about you, but the requirements have a ‘chain letter’ feel to them. While I am honoured that I would be selected as someone worthy of such an ‘award’, I don’t like chain letters.

Although – I do like the idea of letting others know about bloggers that I have met, on my – thus far – short journey into blogging. So without further ado; and in no particular order, here are ten such friendly types.

The Piquant Storyteller


K R Jefferson
 – (Note – KR does ‘pepper’ his posts with expletives)


Anne R Allen’s Blog
 – (Note – This blog has ‘longform’ posts. Better set aside some time to read)


 – (Note – This blog has ‘longform’ posts. Better set aside some time to read)

 – (Note – The posts are in Swedish – most of the time. Wait a few seconds and the page will translate to English)

Eli Pacheco

Muddy River Muse

15 thoughts on “Friendly Types

  1. Aww, thanks for the mention! I have a hard time with those chain letter type blogging awards too. I don’t know how long you’ve been blogging but the awards come in and out of fashion. It’s nice to find new blogs to read. I’ll have to check out the other people on your list.

  2. You are too kind to mention me! I, too, found the award to be a bit chain mail-ish. But I am happy to support my fellow bloggers & continue to read, comment and promote their work.

    BTW – you really are a wonderful writer.

  3. So glad I found you, TP. Not because you listed me here, because it’s been great to have you at my place and to read your words. I think you picked a wonderful way to acknowledge the award in your own way.

  4. I am so honoured by your mention! 😀 I guess the use of expletives (so casually) is a generational problem. I still have some growing up to do! hahaha. I am really glad to have made your acquaintance through your wonderful writings and I can’t wait to find out more about you through them! 🙂

    • Thank you. I mentioned the expletives because I have a consciously ‘G’ rated blog and I wanted to give fair warning that yours wasn’t. 🙂

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