The Show Must Go On; Writing 101 Challenge – Day 15

Day 15 – You’re told that an event that’s dear to your heart — an annual fair, festival, or conference — will be cancelled forever (or taken over by an evil organization). Write about it. Hone that voice of yours!

I’m kind of a gypsy when it comes to events. I don’t have one I attend ‘every year’. If I’m interested, I’ll go. If not, I won’t.

Until it comes to theatre. I love live performances. It can be a simple busker strumming his guitar on the street, all the way through to a full on bells and whistles Broadway performance. It doesn’t even have to be a musical. Straight theatre is just as good.

I couldn’t imagining anyone cancelling live theatre, but I suppose it could be possible. If people can ban dancing as a form of hedonism, then the same could also be for theatre. Theatre is a platform for nearly everything under the sun. Every story lived by a human is condensed, transformed, trimmed and performed.

Life with all the boring bits taken out.

Like a breath puffed through an opening hand of glitter; theatre sparkles with truth, isolation, anger, pain, phoenix risings, injustices, politics, laws, evil, good, death, life, hope, growth and hidden things revealed.  You take that away and life becomes robotic. Automatons marching through the motions. Why bother fighting? Why bother dreaming? Why bother living? You may as well lie down and sleep yourself to death.

“It can be done in a movie too, you know. Better and bigger.”

True. However, movies are edited, re-shot, pick ups added, actors re-voiced, and incorrect shots smoothed out. Mistakes are removed. Sure you can watch the bloopers, but it’s not the same as watching a live performance when the tension of failure is paramount, and yet still draws you into the story.

Live theatre makes you think outside the square, creatively solves problems and expand the storytelling. You can’t rely on computer graphics. You can’t rely on re-takes. You can’t rely on editing.

Yet, I have seen Richard Burton on stage 25 years after he died. I have had a chandelier crash down over my head. I have seen cannon fire created by smoke effects alone. I have seen virtual paper fall down from the ceiling using lights and white backgrounds. I’ve experienced an entire rave scene with lights, sounds and a single person on stage.

Watch a person retelling something which happened earlier. They do not simply impart facts. They use their hands, cadence in their voice, long pauses, faster speech. Are they not performing? Are they not enacting live theatre?

It would be a sad day indeed if live theatre was cancelled. After all…the show must go on.



4 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On; Writing 101 Challenge – Day 15

  1. I enjoyed your post & haven’t been to a live performance in too long! You had asked about your voice and this is what I thought (Goggle’s really) fits your voice – “Good writers use concrete, specific details, and relevant information to construct mental images for their readers.” Your passion also brings out a poetic touch. Great job!

  2. That was interesting, while we where staying in another town, my husband and I watch the same documentary about ancient Greece, several times. The most important thing mentioned in the programm was theatre. Rituals are partly for the gods but theatre is storytelling by humans for humans.

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