Twins Contrasted; Writing 101 Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

We share a birthday. Because of this people expect that we are the same. We’re expected to share presents. One present between two people. That’s stingy.

And mean.

You don’t do it for ‘normal’ siblings. But we’re supposed to smile sweetly and thank you graciously.

I am my own person you know. Just because I happened to share a womb with my sister doesn’t make us automatically interchangeable.

I like silver. She likes gold.
I’ll read the book. She’ll watch the movie.
I prefer cards. She always wants to play board games.
I’ll happily stay at home, if you want to go camping…ask her.
I like long dresses. She practically lives in shorts.
Bold single colours with simple accents is more my thing. She’s into patterns, zigzags and dots.
I like fantasy, fairy tales and happy endings. She likes it if things blow up.

Yes. We’re twins. We are not a carbon copy or a duplicate. There is no ‘same difference’ or ‘two peas in a…’

Yes. We’re twins. We are diverse, dissimilar, distinct.

If you give us the same present we will smile sweetly and thank you graciously (Mum did bring us up well after all), but don’t be surprise if we swap gifts immediately or one of us hands it over, with a grimace, to the other.

You only get one warning. This is it.

13 thoughts on “Twins Contrasted; Writing 101 Challenge – Day 7

  1. Hm, so you are this kind of twins who are unlike each other? Interesting to read about! I know both twins who are almost the same person and twins who are like you and your sister. Please forgive us, non-twins, our possible misconceptions and thanks for clearing this out 🙂

  2. I love this! I’m glad I happened to click on it, since the title didn’t give me a clue of what I was going to find 🙂

    My two best friends live in perennial fear that when people say hi in passing, they don’t actually know which twin they are greeting. It’s a legitimate concern, unfortunately, at least with people my friends aren’t as close to.

    Even as a best friend, though, I am guilty of the old “buy the same things in different colors” trick. Their interests are so similar that I’m afraid to branch out too much.

    • You’ve just made me realise that I haven’t actually titled any of my ‘Writing Challenges 101’ posts.
      Should probably do that.
      Glad you loved it.
      I’d be interested to find out if your friends mind the ‘old trick’ or not.

      • Titles would be great!

        They said they don’t typically mind, as long as it’s done well. Getting identical watches for graduation is not so cool when it means they can never wear them at the same time. Getting a scarf that’s a different color than her sister’s will work, though. As long as they open them at the exact same time 😉

  3. My twin brother and I never had to deal with single gifts, but being treated as a unit? Oh yeah. It took a little over 20 years for that to stop. A cool, thoughtful, well-written piece!

  4. Love your stance. I despise family photos when everyone is dressed the same. Can anyone scream “I am me” loud enough?

  5. I have observed diversity in twins to. For example :The reader and the singer. Here schools are considering this aspect of life. If the school is big enough to let the twins go in separate classes they are almost separate by force.

    I have to admitt I´m stingy in the way you describe, but usually towards married couples, they are adults they chose eachothers, they can hopefully deal with it.

    • In regards to my sister (and husband), I can cope with it if someone says “This present is for both of you.” But if they say “This present is for you.” and it ends up being for both of us, it annoys me. I guess I’m selfish that way.

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